I'm in the Military, Who Can I See for Physical Therapy?

I'm in the Military, Who Can I See for Physical Therapy?

Written by Dr. Navid Hannanvash PT, DPT, ATC, CSCS, CAFS, FAFS | CEO & OWNER

As an active duty military member, it may be hard to know what your insurance plan does and does not cover. Many active duty military members don’t know that they have options when it comes to their healthcare benefits. At Silver Strand Physical Therapy, we’re the leading experts for physical therapy in the South Bay and Southern San Diego. Our goal is to give you some tips that will relieve & treat pain, improve mobility, and help you avoid and/or tread common injuries of active military members.

Until 2018, the options for physical therapy services for active military members were either confusing, limited, or both. But thanks to a new bill effective January 1st, 2018, military members now have more options for care. HealthNet TRICARE coverage has been extended to locations other than on base for active military members. What does that mean for you? No more jumping through ten hurdles to receive care, no more having to wait months to be seen, and a healthier/happier military.

If you are an active military member, your coverage extends to off-base clinics such as Silver Strand Physical Therapy. Whether you live in Imperial Beach, Chula Vista, Coronado, National City, Otay Mesa, or San Diego, you can be treated at our facility by our highly trained Doctors of Physical Therapy. Once we have your authorization process finalized, our staff can usually get you scheduled within 48 hours (as opposed to waiting 2-3 months to be seen on base, or 1-2 weeks to be seen at other off-base facilities). We pride ourselves in our ability to give back to the military and their families and have developed the only clinic in Imperial Beach that is owned and operated by a Doctor of Physical Therapy.

Many times when an active military member asks his/her case manager or primary care doctor, they may be told that they can only be seen on base. THIS IS FALSE. Because of the new laws in place with HealthNet TRICARE, active military members have coverage outside of the confines of the base. Each insurance plan is unique, but the majority of the time you only need authorization for physical therapy (regardless of the name or the location of the place authorized) to be seen immediately at Silver Strand Physical Therapy.

Our extremely knowledgeable front office can walk you through step-by-step what you’ll need in order to be covered for care at our facility. Just call us directly at 619-941-2680 or reach out to us at admin@silverstrandpt.com so we can verify your benefits and get you scheduled to be pain free immediately.