Staff Spotlight: Gina Kilhefner

Gina Kilhefner is our Silver Strand Office Manager, a Tricare patient turned employee. She’s married to Navy Sailor Galen Kilhefner. They’re childhood sweethearts from a small town in Pennsylvania and moved to San Diego 2 years ago for Galen’s Navy career. While she has years of customer service and self taught computer skills, her education includes Culinary Pastry Art degrees from her home state.

image of Gina Kilhefner and her husand

Gina’s experience as a Navy Spouse while working at our clinic makes her a great person to call and ask about your Tricare coverage. This includes inquires about the new Tricare Waiver. Did you know under this waiver, active duty patients can be seen for physical therapy treatment as soon as the next day? You can also call and ask about coverage for other insurances. As she’s also a patient, Gina can give you the inside scoop on what our clinic can do to get you back to full health!